Renovation and repair works

Handymen & contractors are pre-screened so that you get reliable & trustworthy professionals for your home. Get custom quotes, compare reviews and hire the contractor of your choice. Here's what you can expect from our contractors:

Large Scale Home Repairs & House Renovation Services

Larger scale renovation services mean that the professional would be completely renovating a structure or installing an addition on your current home.

Here are some of the examples of large scale renovation services:

  • Civil, structural & foundational work including extensions & additions
  • Renovation & remodelling of interior & exterior walls, ceilings, flooring & roofing
  • Plastering of ceilings
  • Small Scale Repairs & Renovation Services

These smaller scale renovation services are usually brought on to finish up a full renovation or to renovate a smaller area such as a room or just to make few improvements to a structure.

Here are some of the examples of a small scale renovation service:

  • Painting, tiling, flooring, cabinetry, window & electrical installation
  • Alarm & CCTV, gate, carpentry, grill & ironworks.